Fitform 570 Vario care chair

The Fitform 570 Vario has a wide range of individual seating solutions: adaptations, options and accessories. This makes almost any sitting solution possible. Discover the seating solutions for numerous physical conditions.

This care chair also comes with a rise function to facilitate getting up out of the chair. This prolongs independent living and means that family or health-care professionals don’t need to be called on so frequently. This armchair can also be adjusted to suit the user’s personal physique, for example: seat height, seat depth, armrest height, lumbar support height and thickness. This allows anyone to adopt a healthy and ergonomically responsible sitting posture. 


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Electrically operated
Fitform tilt-in-space adjustment available
Adjustable leg rest available
Adjustable backrest available
Rise function available
Standard seat control
Hand control
Storage case available
Leg support and seat divided
Leg rest and seat undivided upholstered
Topswing headrest available
Adjustable lumbar support available
Underframe / chair legs
Black metal skies


Standard sizes

Seat height
40-60 cm 
Seat depth
43-45-47-49-51-53 cm (adjustable)
Armrest height
16-29 cm (adjustable)
Seat width
Mini (45 cm), Narrow (45 cm), Standard (51 cm), Wide (57 cm), Xwide (63 cm)
Backrest height
Mini (72 cm), Narrow/Standard/Wide/Xwide (84 cm)

Average height (depending on seat height)

120 cm
Total depth chair
78 - 88 cm
Totale width chair
Mini/Narrow (64 cm), Standard (70 cm), Wide (76 cm), Xwide (82 cm)
Average length in lying position (depending on seat length)
165 cm


The exact outer dimensions of the armchair partly depend on the seat dimensions of the armchair.

Operating the Fitform 570 Vario care chair


This armchair is adjusted to your personal size: seat height, seat depth, armrest height and lumbar support height and thickness. This allows you to sit healthily and ergonomically.

Adjusting measurements 570 Vario care chair


The Fitform 570 Vario care chair has been developed to make life easier for people with sitting problems. Because each person is different, this chair is adjustible to size. 

In this video we show how to create the correct seat height, seat depth, armest heigt, lumbar support and seat angle.

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