Experiences of dealers and distributors in working with Fitform 

On this page, you can read interviews with dealers and distributors who work with us. What do they think about Fitform chairs and how do they experience the relationship with our company?

The story of Arne

Arne Hauge, working at Medema (Norway, Denmark), cherishes the long-standing relationship with Wellco, manufacturer of Fitform armchairs. "Wellco is a reliable partner, and for an aid supplier that works with high-end products, the Fitform armchairs and sitting solutions can definitely be an interesting addition to the product range. Medema produces and sells quality aids and health care services for the elderly and people with disabilities, including electric scooters, electric wheelchairs, and seats. We also import electrical aid products from different European suppliers.
The Fitform collection fits Medema’s profile very well because the special armchairs are also high-end products.
From our clients, the end-users, we almost always receive positive customer feedback. People are pleased with the chairs: they function well and do the job. The chair can make a big change in daily life. Fitform delivers a wholesome and tight seating solution. This contrasts with cheaper chairs, which always have items like noise or things that are loose."

A big feature

"We manufacture mobility products ourselves in Denmark, but Norway is by far our biggest sales district. People in Norway who need a technical aid in their home get this from the Norwegian government. The government acknowledges the value of a chair that can compensate problems with sitting and getting in and out of a chair.
The Norwegian market runs 100 percent on national tenders for all kinds of technical aids. There are a few big suppliers with more simple products. Medema doesn’t sell those products because we don’t want to sell cheap, easy solutions. We offer Fitform chairs, which are more high-end and have more special solutions for specific problems. I think of all the seats sold by Medema, half of them are not sold in a standard version but with a special adjustment such as, for example, a special backrest. Being able to do that is quite a big feature.

Promotion ZEN Care Chair

"Outside the tender market, we’re now making a marketing plan to promote the new ZEN Care Chair. We see that this chair is a nice addition to the ‘welltech’ market. As Medema we really believe in this special chair for people with dementia."

Good relationship

"Medema and Wellco have been working together in a very pleasant way for more than 20 years. I have been with Medema since 2004, and when I started, Wellco already was a relation. I have a lot of contact with Colette and Edwin, who are also the owners. We know each other well, and the relationship is very good. The close communication allows us to make necessary changes from tender to tender, in good cooperation. This way, we can secure our position in the tender and stay competitive in the market. If there is a problem, I have direct contact with Colette or Edwin, and things are quickly solved. Everything is running well."

The story of Erik

Gaertner ergonomic furniture, as a supplier of ergonomically designed furniture, opted for Fitform armchairs from the outset. Owner Erik Schiltmans has reserved one area of his large showroom for ergonomic office furniture and another for Fitform armchairs. Gaertner sells the full range of Fitform products, so that customers can try out showroom models at their leisure.

So why only Fitform armchairs? Erik’s answer is short and simple: “When it comes to ergonomics, we know our stuff, so Fitform is the logical choice. They are custom-made and offer a lot of possibilities. The chairs are of a superior quality and their service is excellent. We consciously opted for just one make, that is our strength.” 

His customers only give positive feedback. “About the chair itself, but also about the purchasing process. As it is, we have a great product, but we also have to give the right advice and instructions.” 

Satisfied customers are enthusiastic about the comfort and are happy with the riser-recliner mechanism. “Elderly persons also tell us that it’s a pleasure to fall asleep in the chair,” he adds.

The sitting specialist regularly sees customers coming back. “For example, people who bought their first Fitform chair fifteen years ago and want to replace it for a new model. They once bought the chair when they had physical problems. Now the problems have gone, they’d rather not have them come back again. So they come back for another armchair from Fitform.” 

Others have their armchair re-upholstered. “Fitform motors are so robust that they last a really long time. For those on a tighter budget, a new upholstery might do just the job.”

Selling Fitform armchairs is fun, explains Erik. “Because I always make my customers happy. My aim is to have satisfied customers. And if that’s the case, turnover will follow automatically.”

The story of Stijn

Stijn Lespoix spends a lot of time putting together his product range for Belgian distributor, Sit & Sleep. After a fact-finding mission to Fitform, he was positively enthusiastic. And it’s stayed the same ever since.

“Our furniture business focuses on back-friendly products. The company has branches in Leuven, Antwerp and Hasselt. As for myself, I’m operational manager in Hasselt. 

We get a lot of different people coming in. Some are looking for a superior quality armchair, others have been referred to us by a physiotherapist, doctor, family member or friends. They are looking for a solution which will answer their personal quest for comfort. For example, because they experience pain when watching TV as a result of a congenital back deformity. It’s not just elderly folk. In fact, many of the people with specific back problems are younger these days."

“We spend a lot of time putting our collection together. We go to exhibitions and visit producers. This is how we found Fitform. We had a guided tour of the factory and were left with a positive impression. 

Fitform’s added value is in the product as a whole. The underframe, designed by Fitform in house has a unique tilt mechanism and powerful motors. It has a great chassis built on to this, with many individualised options. For me, that means we have a manufacturer who can help almost any customer. Other producers have models in different variants too, but they have a fixed format. At Fitform they go one step further. The fitting chair ensures that we can provide a chair that is fully customised.”

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