About us


Fitform armchairs are manufactured by Wellco, a Dutch manufacturer of innovative, ergonomic seating furniture and seating solutions. The company specialises in the design, development and manufacture of high-quality wellness products and sitting-related aids. You can see how we do this in our corporate video (click on the picture).

Wellco makes use of a full range of expertise when it comes to ergonomics, technology and welfare. The company combines its own in-house know-how and research facilities with the research findings of several prestigious institutions. 

Fitform armchairs are available in a large number of countries and supplied, for example, via a network of furniture stores and health-care supply stores. Customers can fall back on excellent service and warranty schemes.

Your well-being, our passion: this is what we stand for!

We see elderly persons and those with underlying health problems having to spend long periods sitting. Many seats and chairs are simply not suitable for this purpose. It can lead to physical impairment and reduced mobility. In short, less quality of life. 

We believe that everyone is entitled to a good and fulfilling life. And that being able to relax the right way, is important for everyone. 

That is why we want to help people to sit correctly so that they can rest, feel at ease and recharge their batteries so that they can perform their daily activities. We do this by offering innovative and ergonomically designed sitting furniture with a superior functional quality, excellent service and nice design.

We know that a good chair can be very important to someone. This is what we want to achieve. 

That is why we promise to work with passion each and every day to improve people’s well-being.

People of Wellco


Every person is unique. Therefore Fitform chairs are customized to a person’s physique as well as to a person’s needs. Customizing solutions for everybody, that is our philosophy! The Fitform brand was born in 1980.

The owners and directors of Wellco are Colette Verhappen – van der Linden and Edwin Verhappen. Colette has been there since Wellco was founded in 1992 and Edwin joined the company in 2016. Together with a fantastic company team of about 55 Wellcollegues, we create what Wellco stands for.

Corporate social responsibility


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is all about treating humankind, the environment and society responsibly.

For a business like ours, this is second nature. We stand full square behind the improvement of people’s well-being and, of course, responsible business is all part of this.

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