Fitform care chairs, when only the best chair is good enough!

We develop and manufacture comfortable armchairs for people with special needs. With over 40 years of experience, we know what is needed for everybody to be able to sit well. 

Fitform care chairs can be individualized in many different ways. Of course all chairs can be adjusted to a person’s bodysize and meet all requirement for ergonomically sitting. But Fitform care chairs also offer:

  • A variety of sitting solutions for specific health problems
  • Customised sitting adjustments for individual users
  • Many options and accessories for improving comfort

Fitform care chairs are handmade at Wellco, in the Netherlands, by a passionate and dedicated team. 
Curious to know WHY we do that? Read here what makes us tick.
Curious to know HOW we do that? Our corporate video provides a good impression.

And would you like to know how a Fitform armchair can improve a person’s well-being? We explain it all in this informative video.

Fitform Vario care chairs

All Fitform care chairs can be used for sitting, relaxing, resting and with the rise function it is easy to get in and out of the chair. Fitform chairs can be adjusted to size, to suit the personal physique of the user. This allows anyone to adopt a healthy and ergonomically responsible sitting posture. 

The Vario care chairs can be used to compensate a wide range of physical impairments on account of the many individual sitting solutions available. 

Fitform ZEN Care Chair: turning agitation and restlessness into calm relaxation

The ZEN Care Chair has been specially developed for people who experience restlessness as a result of dementia or a neurological disorder. The unique and adjustable automatic Slow Motion rocking motion ensures relaxation and reduced restlessness. The ZEN Care Chair has undergone extensive trials by health-care professionals. The chair has a proven positive effect on persons with a restless nature.


Want to know how Fitform care chairs are made? 

Click on the picture and start the video

Want to know how a Fitform armchair can improve a persons' well-being? 

Click on the picture and start the video


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