Fitform Vario care chairs: assuring maximum sitting comfort in all user situations

Fitform Vario care chairs can be used to compensate a wide range of physical impairments on account of the many different sitting solutions available. The rise function ensures that the user can easily get up from the chair and therefore continue to live as independently as possible for longer, without having to rely on family or caregivers as often.

In a Vario care chair a person can adjust all functionalities (outcoming legrest, adjustable backrest, tilt-in-space movement, rise function) separately by pressing the right knobs on an easy to use hand control. This way the best possible chair positions can be determined individually.

There are two types of Vario armchair: model 570 and model 574. 

You can read more about healthcare professionals' experiences with the Vario care chairs here.

Fitform seating solutions


All Fitform Vario care chairs can be fully adjusted to suit user requirements and provide countless additional solutions. A number of examples are shown in this short video.

A full list of options and accessories can be found for each model of chair.       

The chair displayed in the video is the Fitform 570 Vario care chair.


Watch the different movements of a Vario care chair

You will see an animation of the movements made by a Vario care chair when this is fitted with 3 motors. In this case, the armchair has a separate extendable legrest, a tilt mechanism, a separate backrest adjustment and a riser-recliner mechanism.

The chair displayed in the video is the Fitform 570 Vario care chair.

It may take about a minute to load the animation film. Click on the circular icon under the armchair if the animation does not start automatically. This icon can also be used to play the film in full-screen format.

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