Quality and guarantee


You can expect a lot from a Fitform armchair. All riser-recliner chairs have been designed for comfortable sitting, relaxation and rest, and to get out of easily. The armchair has been painstakingly hand-crafted for customised sitting. The materials we use are of a superior quality.

Unique Dutch quality product

Fitform armchairs are developed and manufactured by Wellco in Best, the Netherlands. From here, we work to produce the very best sitting comfort for persons who believe a healthy and relaxed body is important. We are proud to be able to make an important contribution to the well-being of people with comfortable quality products. 

A lot goes into making a Fitform armchair. It is a labour-intensive process for which only the very best materials are used. Because our armchairs are made for the individual user, they are customised: no one chair is ever the same. This requires a great deal of expertise and craftsmanship.

Making the care chair

Before a Fitform armchair is delivered to the user, a great deal of planning needs to be done. Only when we know all the desired specifications of the chair can our professionals start their work.

The creation of a Fitform armchair requires a great deal of craftsmanship: metalworking, woodworking, manual cutting of leather and patterned fabrics, machine cutting of upholstery fabric, stitching of upholstery covers, upholstering, fitting of the adjustment mechanisms and assembly of the complete armchair. Almost everything is produced by hand.



The best materials

Only the best materials are used for a Fitform armchair. The main body of the chair is made from high-quality wooden parts, with metal adjustment mechanisms at the centre. The backrest is constructed from a metal frame with webbing, backed by cold-cure foam with a top layer of comfort foam. The seat cushion sits on a wooden seat frame with no-sag springs: these are zig-zagged or waved in shape and have excellent properties. The spring has been electrically hardened and, as a result, is long-lasting without loss of quality. 

At Fitform you can select from many types of upholstery and colours of fabric and leather. We are used to working with a large number of hardwearing (synthetic) fabrics, treated for incontinence resistance, if required. Deluxe leather upholstery is also possible.


The following Fitform-Guarantee is included:

  • 5 years construction, mechanism, motors and other electronics
  • 3 years foam, options/acccessories and upholstery
  • 2 years battery (battery is an option/accessory)

Certification and recommendation

The independant organisation Aktion Gesunder Rücken (AGR) is a German organisation whose primary aim is the prevention of back problems. Providing people with the very best advice is seen as one of the organisation’s most important tasks, for example, via its website. 

Most consumers find it difficult to make the right choice of chair. For this reason, the AGR has introduced a seal of approval: the AGR Gütesiegel. This approval mark is only issued after extensive product checks have been made by independent experts. In 2000, Fitform received the AGR seal of approval for its Fitform armchairs. You can read this on the AGR website.

In addition, for years, Fitform armchairs have been consistently voted the most back-friendly armchairs in the Netherlands according to NVVR De Wervelkolom, a patient organisation for back pain sufferers. Of course, we are extremely proud of this recognition!

Medical Device Regulation (MDR)  

Fitform Vario Care Armchairs are so-called Class 1 Medical Devices and therefore fall within the remit of the Medical Device Regulation (MDR). This new European directive imposes stringent requirements on suppliers of medical devices, in terms of quality and safety. 

Partly as a result of the MDR’s implementation, we drew up our own so-called factory guidelines for repair work, reissues or adaptations to Fitform Vario Care Armchairs by third parties. You can download the factory guidelines here.




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