Fitform: corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is all about treating humankind, the environment and society responsibly. For a business like ours, this is second nature. We stand full square behind the improvement of people’s well-being and, of course, responsible business is all part of this.

Putting people in the spotlight

We regularly donate Fitform armchairs to health-care organisations and private individuals. We do this via a donation scheme we have set up. These are donations for people who will benefit most from a (care) chair, but for whom insufficient financial resources are available. 

Putting the environment in the spotlight

Fitform armchairs are long-lasting. This alone makes them extraordinarily durable products. In addition, we go to great lengths to limit the burden on the environment through the recycling of armchairs, the recycling of materials, and the sustainable use of energy and waste.

Putting society in the spotlight

We believe it is important to give something back to society. Among other things, we do this by:

  • Making conscious choices about purchasing/suppliers; first and foremost, we work with organisations which can also demonstrate that they are committed to corporate social responsibility.

  • Working with education; as a recognised training company, providing support at open days and through educational innovation.

  • Partnering sheltered employment programmes; because everyone deserves equal opportunities on the labour market!



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