Legrest extension

For some users it is necessary to rest their heels on the legrest. To facilitate this, an extended legrest is now available. When this legrest is activated, an extended section of 8 cm automatically protracts.

The standard legrest on the Fitform armchair is long enough to support the whole of the lower leg. In some situations, however, for example, with orthopaedic footwear, the feet, (including the heels) preferably need to be supported too. The extended legrest has been designed so that your legs do not protrude. In addition, the adjustability of the ‘normal’ legrest can be customised if you change the sitting height. 

When the armchair is in its neutral setting, the extra extension is not visible. The standard upholstery is a black synthetic fabric (Stamskin). If required, the extra extension can also be upholstered in the same material as your armchair. 


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