Vario wheel system: easy movement


The Vario wheel system allows an armchair to move around easily and with the minimum of effort. For example, so that the floor can be vacuumed. The Vario wheel system is also suitable for transferring someone into the armchair. The armchair can be moved around with the aid of a handy, detachable handle.

A button onto which the handle can be attached can be found by opening the zip on the rear of the backrest. By pushing the handle down, the wheel system will be unlocked. The armchair can now be moved. As soon as the handle is released, the wheels are locked again. This way the chair cannot unintentionally be moved when people let themselves fall into the chair.

If the seat does not need to be moved, the handle (after being disconnected) can be stored in one of the side panels. 

* Please note: this system is not designed to cover long distances and/or to negotiate obstacles.



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