Revolving platform

An armchair with legs can easily be converted into an armchair that revolves. Fitform has developed a special revolving platform* for this purpose, manufactured from an extremely robust, high-quality plastic material. If this is mounted under the chair, it can revolve through 360 degrees almost effortlessly.

The revolving platform is also extremely suitable for persons who cannot easily move their upper body and/or neck due to their health condition. This can be frustrating, for example, when in conversation with a number of people. A revolving chair ensures that the body is not put under strain.

The revolving platform is also useful in other situations. For example, if someone likes to read under a particular light and would then like to turn to watch the TV in another corner of the room. A revolving chair can help you stay sitting comfortably!

If this revolving function is no longer necessary, the armchair can be put back on its legs. In the normal sitting position, the platform is hardly visible. The revolving mechanism becomes active when the armchair is raised slightly. It’s almost possible to revolve through 360 degrees; there is a stopper to ensure that the chair comes to a standstill. 

When the risebutton on the hand control is activated, the revolving platform will automatically lock for safety reasons.

* The revolving platform is not possible in combination with the Vario wheel system

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