Difficulty in transferring from wheelchair to armchair?

Swiveling side panel

The problem

Wheelchair users like to function as independently as possible. For this reason, at home it’s good to be able to transfer to a comfortable armchair. However, the transfer from a wheelchair to an ergonomic armchair is difficult and increases the risk of falling. Even when using a hoist, there is often not enough space to make a smooth transfer into a normal armchair.

This hindrance can often be a reason for some people to stay sitting in their wheelchair for unnecessarily long periods. This means they miss out on quality downtime.

The solution
A swivel side panel makes the transfer from the wheelchair to the armchair much easier. The side panel of the armchair can be folded backwards without difficulty, so that a transfer is quite easy to make. The swivel side panel can be operated manually (if the arm/hand is functioning normal), or - only by special request - electrically (with a limited arm/hand function).

  • A fold-away panel also makes a transfer easier using a board.
  • If the right correct riser-recliner height has been set (straight up) the transfer can take place most easily by means of the fold-away side panel. 

The effect
The benefits of this type of adaptation to an ergonomic riser-recliner armchair are numerous: smooth transfer, less risk of falling, less of an obstacle to rest in a ‘normal’ chair.

To accessories overview

Start the video to learn more about the swiveling side panel

Optional: loop on swiveling side panel

Moving the swiveling side panel down can be difficult for some people with physical disabilities. With this loop on the side panel it can be pulled down much easier.

This loop does not come as standard on a swiveling side panel; it is an option that can be indicated when ordering.

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