Difficulty in sitting upright?

Bucket style backrest

The problem
Sitting upright can be difficult in a number of situations. For example, for someone who has reduced muscle strength or a spinal deformity. Persons with Parkinson’s disease or who have suffered a stroke often find themselves adopting a crooked sitting posture. This causes an imbalance in the torso.

Sitting in this way can put an enormous strain of the body. If you adopt a crooked sitting posture for prolonged periods, it may lead to the back muscles contracting on one side. Not only will this cause pain, but also place additional strain on the spine, giving yet more backache or pains that shoot down the leg.

The solution
If the back imbalance is limited, a bucket style backrest may offer relief. This customised backrest (similar to a car seat) has a rounded form which gives extra support to the sides. There is also a version with a higher rounded backrest (+ 13cm higher) to enable even better positioning.

If the imbalance is more serious, an ILP backrest or ILP Extra is the most suitable option.

The effect
An ergonomic riser-recliner armchair with a bucket style backrest provides better stability for the torso and helps prevent a crooked sitting posture. All in all, this adds to the comfort and relaxation of sitting. The user is able to relax and rest more easily and so conserve energy for carrying out other day-to-day activities.

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