Health problems due to hunched back?

Kyphosis backrest

The problem

A hunched back (kyphosis) can lead to unpleasant health problems. These can vary from back, neck and shoulder problems to headaches and problems of balance. Often individuals will correct their posture unconsciously, which causes pain and fatigue. A serious kyphosis can also cause respiratory and digestive problems. 

A kyphosis can come about as a result of growth disorders, osteoporosis, deterioration of the spine, muscle weakness, an incorrect posture (prolonged hunched sitting) or nerve and muscle disorders.

The solution
The central part of the backrest (level with the spine) is designed with softer foam sections and can be ‘kinked’ at two points. With the adjustable webbing the correct tightness of the backrest can be adjusted. As a result, the backrest ‘folds’ around the deformed back, as it were, so that the spine can sink more deeply. In this way the backrest is ideally adapted to the back. 

The effect
Persons with kyphosis will be able to sit more comfortably and feel more restful. This can reduce pain or even eliminate it. And if the tilt adjustment on the ergonomic riser-recliner armchair is used properly, the user is able to see things at eye level, rather than looking down all the time. This facilitates TV viewing as well as eye contact with others.

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