A crooked sitting posture?

ILP backrest

The problem

With certain disabilities, the user may find it increasingly difficult to stay sitting upright in an armchair. This might be because of reduced muscle strength or a spinal deformity (caused e.g. by scoliosis). Persons with Parkinson’s disease or who have suffered a stroke often find themselves adopting a crooked sitting posture. This causes an imbalance in the torso.

Sitting in this way can put an enormous strain of the human body. If you adopt a crooked sitting posture for prolonged periods it may lead to the back muscles contracting on one side. 
Not only will this cause pain, but also place additional strain on the spine, giving yet more backache or pains that shoot down the leg.


The solution
To eliminate or lessen the problem, more support is needed on the sides. The ILP backrest has been developed for this purpose. ILP stands for Individuele Lateraal Polster; this means that a fully individualised side support is made. Individually positioned lateral supports (foam pads) are used for this purpose. This support can be adjusted and its shape can, if required, be changed over time. 

An ILP backrest is ideal for persons for whom a standard bucketstyle backrest is not adequate or for people where it is likely that the way that they need to be laterally supported will change overtime.

The effect
An ergonomic riser-recliner chair with an ILP backrest will ensure that the back is better supported, the spine is more easily kept in position and this will minimise the tendency to adopt a crooked sitting posture. As such, persons are able to have a more relaxed sitting experience, which will relieve problems of pain and other discomforts. This makes it possible to rest more easily and do more whilst sitting; for example, watching TV, reading, or enjoying an evening with friends. 

If the chair is set in a tilted position, this will achieve even better results. 

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