Anti-decubitus cushion on seat?

Exchangeable seating system

The problem
Those who are compelled to sit in a chair for long periods run the risk of pressure sores (decubitus). This is not only uncomfortable, but can be very painful. What’s more pressure sores increase the risk of further complications which can hinder recovery and rehabilitation. A special anti-decubitus cushion can help reduce and eliminate many problems. In the case of many armchairs however, it is not possible to replace a normal seat cushion with an anti-decubitus one. Ordinary cushions like this are simply positioned on top of the existing seat so that the user finds him or herself now sitting at a higher level. The seat height no longer matches the person’s physique, which can have adverse consequences. 

From a high sitting position, your feet may not touch the ground. You need an enormous amount of strength in your arms to first move the weight of your body forwards and then stand up. What’s more, it’s more difficult to change your posture from a high sitting position. It can also lead to the nerves in your leg getting trapped, resulting in pins and needles and later, possibly varicose veins.

The solution
An ergonomic riser-recliner armchair with exchangeable seat system allows the standard foam seat to be replaced by another type of cushion, for example, a separate anti-decubitus cushion. A preventive cushion system made of memory foam, latex or a combination of these, can also be an alternative for the standard cushion. A cushion like this is specially designed to prevent pressure sores from occurring.
It is easy to change most cushions by way of the zip in the cover. Changing to a separate, stand alone anti-decubitus cushion (for instance a Roho Quatro, a Vicair seat cushion or a Jay seat cushion) is done differently, but in a nevertheless friendly way.

The effect
Uncomfortable and painful sitting can drain a person’s energy. A suitable cushion in combination with the right sitting height ensures that the body can relax more easily and feel at ease. This contributes enormously to the quality of life. 

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